My name is Aden. I live in Oregon with my wife and partner-in-adventure Jaehee.

In the past I’ve lived in Utah, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Vienna & Innsbruck Austria, Würzburg & Leipzig Germany, Cairo & Dahab Egypt. And I’ve been to a few other places in between.

I studied Linguistics & Anthropology in school. Now I work with voice recognition software. I like German grammar, thinking about the universe and juggling.

While I enjoy just about any experience that is to be had in the great outdoors, I spend most of my time on a subset of activities: cycling (road, mountain, touring), hiking and backpacking, and rock climbing. I try to be a decent amateur photographer along the way.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved being outside. I have lived and traveled a lot of places. Everywhere I have lived, and everywhere I have traveled, I have discovered amazing adventures. My experiences have made me incredibly happy. And in the end, I guess that is why I want to document and share them. I relive the happiness every time I look back at an adventure. And I hope that someone, somewhere will be inspired to go outside and create and document their own happy experiences.

There are four categories for my posts right now:

POSTS – all entries in chronological order with a random featured entry at the top
ADVENTURES – write up with media of a place and activity, ideally with enough info that a reader can undertake the same adventure
PROJECTS – collections of adventures that fit into a larger personal goal (this one is still under construction in my mind)
REVIEWS – my take on an outdoors oriented product or service
WORDS – personal thoughts, opinions, musings and rants