Preparing for the epics

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I’ve already gotten a few great mountain biking rides in this year: Maston Rim, Duthie Hill, Galbraith Mountain, Stub Stuart and Alsea Falls; all amazing rides, but on the mellow side as far as distance and elevation. This weekend I stepped it up with a long day at Sandy Ridge. I got in 22.6 miles and climbed over 4,000′ in three hours. Although I ended the day with all of the strength drained from my legs, I am happy with the numbers, given that this was still an early season ride.

Soon, what I call epic season will arrive. I need to push myself hard now so that when I jump into a really intense, deep backcountry ride, I won’t keel over with exhaustion on some remote mountainside. And given my ambitions for this year, that scenario actually isn’t so far fetched!

Lowlight of the day: finishing off a chalupa supreme combo moments before hitting the trail (which starts with a 4-mile climb).

Highlights of the day: gorgeous views of Mt Hood, insanely fun descents, and out-climbing a group of spandex-clad club riders on carbon hartails (despite my serious chalupa-inducted heartburn).


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