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About 18 months ago I was scouring the internet for weekend ideas, when it occurred to me that there is no universal database of outdoor activities. Nothing even tries to be comprehensive of all activities everywhere; a significant resource gap just waiting to be filled.

I’m always considering ways to capitalize on my love of hanging out in nature, so I began wireframing a modern, media rich website to host a database of all outdoor recreation activities. Of course, I would have to roll it out in phases. I planned to start with what I personally know best, the White Mountains in New Hampshire, then expand. Meanwhile, my adventure-seeker friends would add content for the Sierra Nevada, the Appalachian Trail, southern Utah. For each region, we’d populate a broad range of activities: biking, hiking, caving, camping. Over time I’d enlist more contributors with new skills and coverage would expand across the country.

Around this time I also happened to search for more details on hiking to Broken Top crater in Oregon. What I came across basically dashed my dreams of becoming a website mogul: Broken Top Crater Hike on

Long story short, Outdoor Project is exactly what I had in mind, but already off the ground and quickly gaining steam. I was momentarily defeated. But then I noticed the company is based in Portland, and the staff and contributor pool was small (it’s grown a lot in the last year). I contacted them and signed up as a contributor. Now I get to be part of the grand idea I imagined. I’m just not the one doing the actual hard work. And let’s be honest, they are doing so much better than I ever would have. So massive kudos to for stepping in to fill the gap in adventure resources.

You can see my write-ups by checking out my profile. While you’re at it, sign yourself up and I guarantee you’ll find some amazing activities and inspiration – whether you are searching for a technical alpine traverse or a peaceful forest walk (or both). And, if you’re interested in becoming a contributor yourself, here is the link.

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